I am a regular everyday person. I am married, I have a dog, I love potato chips, and I like doodling. I am just like you. However, instead of defaulting to my five senses, I choose to rely on my sixth sense first. I teach others to do the same. Just as with any other talent, spiritual, intuitive or “psychic” abilities, whatever you choose to call them, are uniquely developed with each individual. We just need to take the time to discover them. We don’t need to be unique, gifted or professional psychics for Heaven to reveal to us: we need only to open our hearts and minds to the inspiration and wisdom that lie just beyond our five senses. My work consists of channels, both written and spoken, to help others find their intuitive gifts through deep listening. I use guided meditation, experiential exercises, self-reflective techniques and flower essences to open your soul and embark on a lifetime journey of spiritual discovery.

Learn How to De-stress in 15 minutes with this

“Once we let go and are no longer the block to our unlimited potential, we are directed and guided to our authentic path. This meditative process has already started to provide an avenue to more peace.” - Candice, referring to her experience with meditation

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